To protect our staff and zoo animals we will remain closed until further notice.
To support us both with food and financial  donations you can contact us through the contact form or call directly at 091 606 14 93 (08:00/18:00)
Thank you for your understanding
The Staff

Our actual promotions

Combine your visit at the zoo with a lunch or dinner nearby!

Bennet Wallaby femmina

5.- Fr discount for Zoo clients!

While visiting the Zoo are your children hungry?

Take a chance to stay in the surroundings for the day, and we offer you 5.- Fr. discount for a minimal purchase  of 10.- Fr at one of these restaurants:

  • Ristorante Pizzeria da Renato Magliaso
  • Focacceria Siciliana Magliaso
  • McDonald's Magliaso
  • Ristorante Quadrifoglio Caslano
  • Hostaria San Marco (GIORDANO) Agno

Valid only the day of the entrance at the Zoo!

Buon appetito!

Bennet Wallaby femmina

Zoo al Maglio as your favourite = a  food bag for free!

The solution to find us rapidly is! It's not just a telephone directory! It is a new free application that you can download on your Smartphone and receive our last minutes and other information in real time! If you choose us as your 

favouriteyou will receive one free food bag for the animals

See you soon!

The app-game

The current prize for our APP-GAME is:


 1 free entrance

Online donations

Can be made directly from the page Sustain the Zoo.


Warmest thanks for your contribution!

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