Support us in various ways!

Even in challenging times, you can assist us in different ways:

  1. Bring fruits and vegetables for our animals! Our animal residents delight in treats such as bananas, apples, pears, kiwis, persimmons, grapes, oranges, mandarins, and other exotic fruits, as well as dried fruits. Vegetables like bell peppers, fennel, carrots, celery, zucchini, vegetable ribs, Catalonia endive, red endive, green lettuce, beets, corn cobs, potatoes, leeks, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are warmly welcomed.
  2. Provide us with hay and straw! These essential resources are indispensable for the care of our animals.
  3. Support us through purchases in our shop: Each purchase contributes to supporting our zoo and its residents.
  4. Gift a yearly subscription! Offer your loved ones a truly special treat and grant them unforgettable moments at Zoo al Maglio:

Your support is invaluable and helps us provide the best care for our animals, ensuring our visitors an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much for your generous assistance!


We are tremendously grateful for your support!


Donation Account - Support Zoo al Maglio with your contribution to the following account.

Banca Raiffeisen del Malcantone 

Via Stazione 20

6987 Caslano


IBAN CH09 8031 7000 0036 1465 6

Associazione Amici Zoo al Maglio

Via ai Mulini 14 

6983 Magliaso


We would like to inform you that cash deposits at the counter are subject to fees. To avoid costs, we kindly request you to use bank transfers whenever possible (Payment slip available on the right in PDF format). Thank you for your understanding!


Please use this payment slip for your sponsorship contribution transfer.


Thank you for your support!

Payment slip
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Support us through QR code – Donate with TWINT transfer


Your commitment is a valuable enrichment. Thank you very much!


Donations with PayPal / with credit and debit cards

Your support means a lot to us. Thank you very much for it!

Become a godparent of your favorite animal at the zoo!

il mio animale preferito

We would like to point out that the association Amici Zoo al Maglio uses all contributions exclusively for the well-being of the animals.

If you are interested in taking on a PARTIAL SPONSORSHIP, we would be delighted if you could get in touch with us. Thank you very much!

By becoming a sponsor, you support the maintenance costs of your favorite animal and, in return, receive a sponsor pass that grants you free entry to the zoo (for donations starting from CHF 500, it acts as an annual pass). Additionally, you will regularly receive our "News and Info" newsletter and have the opportunity to join a guided tour of the zoo or participate in a supervised feeding for predatory animals.


Before making a donation, we kindly ask you to inquire about animals that are still in need of sponsors.


We would like to inform you that deposits at the counter incur fees. Therefore, we recommend opting for a bank transfer whenever possible. Thank you! Please use this payment slip (see payment slip in PDF) for your sponsorship donation.

Friends of Zoo al Maglio Association

The association aims to promote and support the creation of facilities for the keeping of animals, as well as all related activities to ensure their continuity. The following memberships can be requested:


Ordinary Members

Members who actively participate in the association's activities and contribute to its development. They have voting rights in the regular association meeting, provided they pay the annual membership fee.

  • Annual fee for individual members: CHF 60
  • Annual fee for couples and families: CHF 100

Supporting Members

Supporting members are natural or legal persons whose application for admission has been approved by the board and who wish to support the association through contractual or non-contractual contributions or voluntary support. Supporting members do not have voting rights in the association meeting.


The respective membership must be requested by email to or using the contact form below. Membership becomes effective upon payment of the annual fee.

Articles of Association in German
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