The origins of our zoo

In the 60's Ms. Edith Fehr and her husband came back to Switzerland from Iran with a special travel guest: a baby lion! In this period Roland was working in Iran for Siemens and one day they decided to visit the Zoo of Tehran; when arrived, they saw a puppy of lion  that was sick and would have therefore been suppressed.

There was no way for Edith and Roland to leave the lion in this bad situation, so they decided to bring the lion with them. After all necessary veterinarian visits the  Fehr began their way back to Switzerland on a Chevrolet truck!

Each two hours they had to stop to bring meat to the puppy and feed him. At last they arrived in Switzerland where they had other veterinarian visits for the lion, and after that they continued to Valles, where they were living, and where Roland was working as a metal worker. The baby lion was growing evermore and the Fehr understood that they had to find a larger place for him.

At first they found it in Thun, but after, they were forced to find another area because of the number of animals. With around 40 animals, they decided to find a ground in the south of Switzerland, and found it here near the Magliasina river, that is the origin of the Zoo al Maglio.

When arrived, the territory was really in a bad shape but Edith and Roland, without speaking a word of Italian, but with hard work and a big determination to succeed managed to start this activity. They had no income and to promote their activity, they decided to tour to the main sites of Ticino to present their animals. In this way they got some money and could continue with their projects.

It was necessary to build fences, clear the land, build up ducts for water, so many works and responsibilities for just two simple people like the Fehr. More that that, it was also very important to comply with the lows for the size of the fences for the animals and the strength of them. Go through all this years only by word is easier than in a fact. They never gave up, they worked hard every day, without asking for help to anyone; because Roland Fehr was a man who loved freedom, and it was very important for him to remain independent.

As time goes by, they went to celebrate their 20 birthday of the Zoo al Maglio and at that time arrived so much people, all those who had collaborated with the Zoo. Between them there was also the cantonal veterinary, with which they had an extraordinary relationship of respect. In the same year a hard event smote family Fehr: the death of Roland; this situation was very difficult for Edith that remained alone with two children and also a very important decision to make.

Edith knew what she would do and she was ready to continue the activity initiated with Roland. With so much bravery she faced with all the situations and taking calmly the right decisions. It was not easy to remain alone with children and a zoo with 200 of animals to carry on, but nonetheless she managed to reach the destination.

In the time that she stayed alone, she had to manage many conditions sometimes bad and sometimes good and once, it happened that the Magliasina river overflowed and did so many damages. In these moments she could have the support of right people every time. The first thing that Edith Fehr decided, was that she would decrease th number of animals in the Zoo, giving up a slice of revenue, but other way improve the quality of the fences and the ground floor.

She invested in long life materials rather than cheap ones, always having regards to the animals and the visitors. Sometimes she had to compare with people that were against the Zoo, but even in these situations she listened and accepted the constructive critics; but the majority of them were non constructive at all. Laws respecting and calmly, she arrived to have everything in order for the future of the Zoo. Not everyone can work in a Zoo, it has to be a balanced and loyal person, with a lot of respect for the animals. This are words of Ms Fehr, that years ago do this job. Once she was really affectionate to a Chimpanzee and one day the animal died, it was a hard blow for her to take and she got a shock.

This experience showed her that between animals and a human there must be a limited affection to be there for all the animals with the due respect and establish a good relationship.

Working in a zoo asks much patience, and you have to accept the bad and the well, respecting rhythms of the animals. Edith knows very well what she wants and what not, and thanks to this she arrived at the wanted result.

More than that!

Further we organize Birthday party for kids events with guided tour, guided tours for adults and feeding-tours.

The picnic place invites to relax while the kids enjoy the playground. We also organize your family or company event!

Piantina dello Zoo di Magliaso


2 Bennett-Wallaby

3 African Spurred Tortoise

4 Snow Leopard

5 Ducks, Geese, Swan

6 Pot Bellied Pigs


7 Game Birds

8 African Goats

Guinea Pigs

10 Glue, Peafowl

11 Japanese Macaque

12 Perroquet de Timneh

13 Tortoises, Silkies

14 Zebra Finches, Canary Bird 

15 Shell Parakeet, Lovebirds

16 Lions

17 Racoon

18 Tufted Capuchins

19 Lar Gibbons

20 Ara 

21 Cockatiel

22 Aquatic Turtles

GIOCHI = playgrounds